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Absolutely love everything about the jewelry and the service. I could not have found a better experience anywhere else, I am thankful and satisfied. Dianna has gone above and beyond for me from start to finish.

Lauren Delcombre on June 24, 2017


Dianna’s customer service is by far the BEST. I 100% recommend this Jewelry store. Dianna Rae Jewelry knows how to make such a special purchase really MATTER! They treat each individual with special and unique care because they know that each customer has a different style and design idea. Thank you Dianna and the team for EVERYTHING

Erin Day on June 23, 2017


So I’m not usually very big on reviews but Dianna Rae definitely deserves one!
From the moment my fiancé and I walked into the store we knew this was something else. Sounds kind of tacky but it’s absolutely true. You get treated like a VIP with refreshments and snacks and professional jewelry cleaning and the 1 nine yards. Dianna is amazing and extremely nice, you feel like family immediately. She took the time to help us find out what we wanted for our wedding bands. My fiancé more or less knew what he was looking for but I was very clueless. We did find something we both loved and had the rings custom created. The result is absolutely stunning!! His ring only took a few days to finish and mine was ready after four weeks, which is amazing given how intricate the metal work and the gemstones are. We even got our respective names and the wedding date engraved in the band in our own handwriting which adds another extra personal touch to the rings. To top this off, we received professionally taken photographs of our rings to show off to our family and friends, as no picture we could have taken ourselves would do the beauty of our jewelry justice.
All in all, Dianna Rae Jewelry offers top notch customer service, professional expertise, the family feel, and very fast delivery. If you’re looking for something special, yet reasonably priced, you should definitely check them out!

Claudia Laurenzano on June 21, 2017


Dianna Rae and her team have designed several unique pieces of jewelry for me. The original designs are beautiful works of art and the personalized service is unmatched. She strives to know exactly what I want by asking questions and listening care1y. I couldn’t ask for a more creative or better person to work with. When I go in the shop she treats me as if I’m the number one priority and she and her staff are very accommodating and so delightful.


Betty Fletcher on 6/19/2017

Jewelry is not just a decorative accessory. It often commemorates an important event or special time worth celebrating in our lives. Time and time again we have chosen Dianna Rae to commemorate lifetime pieces that will surely become fairly heirlooms. The special moments and stories attached to each piece certainly create memories that will last a lifetime.

Maria Doucet, M.D. of Doucet ENT on 6/19/2017


I’ve been so pleased with the pieces I have from Dianna Rae Jewelry. They are all custom made with fabulous quality. In the custom world, patience is so important and the team at Dianna Rae Jewelry understands that. I would change my mind every 5 minutes without her getting exasperated with me!

Lorna Henderson on 6/18/2017


Dianna and her team went above and beyond to make my 10-year anniversary rings perfect! I feel like I don’t just have a new favorite jewelry store, but new friends as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Holly Guilbeau Schexnayder on 4/26/2017


They fixed my watch in about 3 minutes! Don’t let the beautiful store fool you, they sell jewelry for ANY budget! These people are legit and not just reselling something that someone else made. They will make you a completely custom piece. I scratched the heck out of my watch and they are going to install some type of glass that is 10X stronger than what the watch came with. I highly recommend you check them out.

Stew Segura on 2/14/2017


Thank you Dianna Rae for the beautiful Charlene Richard pendant…the staff is always so friendly and helpful here… I highly recommend using Dianna Rae…

Amy Colligan on 2/8/2017


From the moment we walked into Dianna Rae we knew the experience would be different. The store is light and bright and you don’t get the animosity you feel from some other jewelry stores. The employees were beyond helpful and accommodating. And their jewelry is beautiful and unique. We thought the prices were good too! Do yourself a favor if you are looking for jewelry- go to Dianna Rae!

Lori Vining McCarthy on 2/6/2017


My experience at Dianna Rae was fantastic. I had an heirloom opal pendant redesigned with the help of Dianna. The finished product took my breath away. I’m thrilled that this family treasure will live on for generations.

Caroline Landry on 1/29/2017


I brag on y’all constantly! I always have a great experience and get compliments on my ring ALL the time! Thank you for making my dream a reality!

Nicole Suire on 1/11/2017


Exceptional service!!! Recently brought in my antique ring to be fixed, not only did they do an impeccable job but also took the time to find the correct part for the best price and ended up saving me hundreds compared to other jewelers in the area!!! Will definitely be back.

Andre’ Paul Hebert on 1/5/2017


The Dianna Rae experience is truly one I will never forget! From the moment I walked into the moment I picked up my custom band. They treated us like family! On top of the superb service, her jewelry is beyond gorgeous!! I had a vision in my head, and to see it come alive the very way I imagined it was incredible. I can’t say a single negative thing about any of my experiences at Dianna Rae Jewelry and I will cherish my wedding band forever.

Kensie Dent on 12/23/2016


I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Diana Rae. I inherited a beautiful diamond from my grandmother that I spoke to Diana about resetting into my current wedding set. This involved cutting out part of the ring and replacing it. She was obviously knowledgeable from the start. I felt very comfortable giving her my treasured belongings and trusting her with the outcome. I am overwhelmingly pleased with the results! I was overjoyed that it still looked like my ring only much better! I can’t wait to see my original diamond in its new home- a pendant on Christmas morning!

Stephanie Pons Dupuis on 12/10/2016


Undivided attention, individual design sessions, and knowledgeable staff all make this a great buying experience!

Crystal Etie’ Romein on 12/7/2016


I custom ordered a “Lord of the Rings” wedding band engraved with “One ring to rule Kain Venable”. It came out AMAZING! For a very affordable price. It was shipped surprisingly fast. AWESOME customer service, very satisfied!!

Taylor Venable on 11/6/2016

Mrs. Dianna and the staff at Dianna Rae Jewelry are everything you could really want in a jeweler. They take their time and listen to what design or event you are wanting your jewelry for and they truly have the talent in design to create the most unique pieces of jewelry. I came to Dianna Rae Jewelry right before my wedding because I had another jewelry store tell me they couldn’t make a wedding band to match my engagement ring that I had bought from them. Mrs. Dianna and Mr. Patrick said no problem, took my engagement ring and made the most fantastic, unique and beautiful wedding band I could have ever asked for. I am so grateful to them for everything they have done for my family and myself, time and time again and I don’t plan on going anywhere else for my jewelry needs!!!!

Carley Jackson on 0/8/2016


I REFUSE TO GO SHOPPING ANYWHERE ELSE FOR JEWELRY BUT THESE PEOPLE. They honestly treat you like family. It takes a lot for me to hand out compliments because I do not hand them out very often and here I’m handing them one. Hospitality service is through the roof. My wife and I were flood victims of the Louisiana flood and they offered to hold our jewelry until we got settled back into our place for no charge.

Philip Judice on 10/6/2016


I sat down Trey and Dianna ,and after all of the searching ,and deliberating for months ,with regards to finding the perfect engagement ring . We found the perfect ring for my future wife and it will be custom! Thanks for the help and insight! We are looking forward to a long and prosperous marriage now that we have taken care of this very important step in life.

Leroy Hayes on 10/4/2016


I just picked up my custom bracelet, a beautiful piece for my 40th birthday!! It came out more beautiful than I imagined it. It is a perfect compliment to my wedding set that my hubby designed with Dianna Rae’s help! I recommend everyone go in for a visit to see why I love them!

LeAnne Miller on 8/3/2016


Words cannot begin to express how happy I am with the work the Dianna Rae Jewelry team for Rachael D.’s wedding ring and band. They were patient, excited, and wanting to give us the perfect ring. The engraving was done by hand. We could not have asked for a more beautiful ring!!

Jeramin Gary on 4/22/2016


Excited about getting to watch her make the ring, I really can’t imagine anything greater and more meaningful than to not only experience my ring being made but by the one you love on top of it is so special. It’s another very symbolic gesture if you ask me, relationships take work, they have to be forged and success doesn’t just come easy because you both said yes.

There is so much symbolism one could extract from that entire process and I’m so grateful we will be able to take part in this experience.

Dane DeValcourt on 4/14/2016


We are extremely thankful we were given the opportunity to work with Mr. Patrick Dobbs and Mrs. Dianna creating our special jewelry pieces. I simply can not express our gratitude in words. From the moment I walked in with my crazy ideas until the moment we received our jewelry, we have been given the absolute best customer service.

They created three pieces for us and surprised us with a fourth, way earlier than expected! I brought in my mother and late mother-in-law’s old gold bands and they were braided to make my wedding band as well as a keepsake band. With the diamond on one of the rings, my stepdaughter was made a necklace. For my husbands custom band, it’s my ring finger fingerprint completely around.

If you’re looking for custom and meaningful jewelry, Dianna Rae will exceed your expectations!

Gabrielle Sauseda Soirez on 2/3/2016


From the moment I walked into Dianna Rae Jewelry, I knew that I had found the right place. In my search for the perfect engagement ring for my girlfriend, I was looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind. In shopping around, however, I started to feel like I was buying a car – that each ring could easily be swapped out for a different color or that minor changes could be made to any “stock” ring to suit my preferences. As soon as I walked into Dianna Rae Jewelry, I was greeted with a smile, and Ms. Dianna explained to me that they specialized in custom jewelry that could be designed from scratch.

Although I was a bit hesitant at first, Patrick, Dianna, and Rachael were extremely helpful and happily answered all of my many questions throughout the whole process: from helping me pick out the perfect diamond, to helping me choose the right metal, to allowing me to help design a beautiful, antique-style engagement ring. I truly felt like the staff listened to and valued my feedback throughout the entire process. Their 3D printer allowed me to see and even hold a model of what the final ring would look like. Lastly, Patrick’s hand finishing and engraving work was impeccable and was the perfect touch to finish off a truly one-of-a-kind ring.

I could not be more satisfied with how the ring came out, and my fiancee absolutely loves the design and really appreciates the fact that her ring was designed specifically for her. For me, the slight extra price paid for custom design is really priceless, because the end product is a beautiful, unique ring that she will cherish for years to come. Thank you for everything, Dianna Rae Jewelry!

Jacob Sellers on 2/1/2016


Wonderful store, amazing work and beautiful people. Thanks 10000 time… For repair my wedding ring.

Maritza Leisenring on 1/16/2016


Could not have had a better experience picking out a wedding band for my fiancé. Dianna Rae is the BEST!

Leslie Ann Regan on 12/6/2015


The Gemstone Round-table event was amazing. The gems were incredible and meeting other stone lovers was a great way to enjoy an evening. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful night! Please express a great appreciation to everyone for all of the preparation and effort that went into making a grand outcome!

Anita W. on 10/16/2015


Incredible Company…I wish they had more stars to press!!! This is just pure class right here. The great people over at Dianna Rae Jewelry went above and beyond to make sure my wedding band was exactly what I wanted. Then to top it off…a month later we receive this in our mail. Hand written, not computer hand written, from Dianna herself. I wish this company many great things in their future and highly recommend their fantastic work to everyone!!! Thank you guys!!!

Beau Young on 9/15/2015


I was blessed enough to have the Dianna Rae Jewelry Team design me my PERFECT wedding band. They were patient, listened to what I wanted, and made the whole “custom jewelry” experience amazing. The wedding band that they made for me was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dianna Rae Jewelry for giving me an experience and a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last me a lifetime.

Ceres Broussard on 9/13/2015


Thank you for making my dream engagement ring come true. I really appreciated the initial visit where Ross and I were able to select a diamond together. That is a memory that I will treasure. Thank you for making our experience so wonderful and for being a part of this exciting time for us!

Clare Roubbion on 8/30/2015


Dianna helped me create the perfect custom pendant for my wife’s wedding day gift.  She was always very responsive with any communication (email, phone, etc.).  She helped design something creative, beautiful, and still within my budget.  In the end, I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with Dianna Rae Jewelry!

Eric Triche on 8/25/20153


Dianna and Patrick are an absolute pleasure to work. They listened to our likes, our wants, and most importantly our budget. They were able to reset my engagement ring, create the perfect shadow band, and find a wedding band to match.

Stephanie Rawlinson on 6/22/2015


My original wedding ring had been damaged, and we decided to just get a new setting. There were a couple of specific details I wanted my new ring to have. I searched EVERYWHERE to find a setting with the specific details I wanted that was within our price range. I could not find anything even similar to what I had pictured in my mind. My cousin recommended that I call Patrick at Dianna Rae. I wasn’t sure how it would work since I live in Michigan, but I called Patrick and told him what I was looking for. The design he came up with was EXACTLY what I had been looking for!! It was like he read my mind!! He was very patient with all my questions and emails and always quick to respond. He walked me through the whole process and made everything so simple. He even walked me thru the purchase of my new diamond. I was so excited to see the finished product after seeing all the images and the 3D print of the design. But the actual ring was absolutely amazing and more beautiful than ever could have imagined!!

Alexis Vilardi on 3/14/2015


I had a ring made here and I absolutely love it! The whole experience was fast and easy and the final results were exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be going back to Dianna Rae Jewelry next time I want another piece of jewelry made.

Ryan Broussard on 2/5/2015


My wife and I went to Dianna Rae Jewelry to design a special ring for her to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We brought rings and other jewelry for their stones and the value of the old gold. Dianna sat down with us and we discussed ring design. She presented a design which my wife and I reviewed and made changes. She brought back from a recent gem show a beautiful sapphire which was the centerpiece of the ring. We met on at least three occasions and reviewed design and also reviewed emails from Dianna on changes made. We were completely satisfied with the design and professional services of her staff and the personal touch of consultation with the owner of this business. We highly recommend Dianna and her staff.

Maurice Cazaubon in 2015


I don’t know if it’s possible for me to recommend Dianna Rae Jewelry strongly enough. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. They made a custom, vintage-style engagement ring for my fiancé that blew her, all of her friends and family, and myself away.  The ring is absolutely stunning, and I could not be happier with my decision to go with this jeweler. Everything from friendly customer service, to outstanding technical expertise, to product quality and efficient delivery, Dianna Rae has it all.

My experience with this jeweler started while I was searching for a suitable jeweler to make a not so straight-forward engagement ring. I knew my fiancé-to-be wanted an antique/vintage ring, but that doesn’t narrow the search down very much. I decided to infiltrate her Pinterest account, and found an antique engagement ring she pinned that I thought was perfect for her. This ring would require setting several small diamonds and sapphires, intricate platinum working, and hand engraving down the sides of the ring.

I went to several other jewelers in the Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA area, and found my experience was always very negative.  They wanted to rush everything, shove different diamonds and settings down my throat, promise me they could make the ring and demanding payment without showing me a design, and being very pushy as far as making decisions on main diamonds, etc.  I then came across Dianna Rae Jewelry on Google and decided to visit their store. From the moment I walked in I could tell the entire experience was going to be different. I was greeted by Patrick, one of their jewelers, and he began walking me through the whole custom design process. He took the time to explain to me why I needed to pick the main diamond first, and was very open and helpful with any questions I had. Everything was very much at my pace, and contrary to all the other jewelers, I never felt pushed one way or another and nothing was forced on me. I worked with Patrick for a couple of weeks on finding the right diamond, and we finally settled on a very stunning 1.7 ct cushion cut.

We then began the custom ring design, which started with Patrick generating a 3D computer animated drawing that exactly matched my fiancé’s Pinterest example. From there, we were able to work together at modifying the initial design to one that fit my particular diamond and what we believed would be design improvements over the original picture. What I loved is that I got to be part of the design process, but what I liked even more was the level of creativity, experience, and technical expertise Patrick and the rest of the Dianna Rae team brought to the table which allowed an incredible ring design to unfold.

Once the ring was designed, the production process had to begin immediately, as we were on a tight schedule. Patrick was good with updating me periodically as to the progress of the ring production. I was able to come to the store several times during the process to view the rings progress. Finally, after keeping their word and delivering the ring on-time within a very tight schedule, Dianna Rae Jewelers produced what many of our friends, family, and others claim to be the most beautiful ring they’ve ever seen.

It really is stunning, and I believe without a doubt if I had not been working with a team that was as professional or as experienced as the team at Dianna Rae, I would have received nowhere near the quality or value in my final product. Beyond just gaining a gorgeous engagement ring that my fiancé still can’t believe is actually on her hand, I gained a great relationship with a quality jeweler that I will be returning to for all my jewelry needs in the future. You absolutely cannot make a better decision for a quality jeweler than Dianna Rae Jewelry.

Tim Mannon on 12/23/2014