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Gemstone Roundtable

Join award-winning jewelry designer, Dianna Rae, and gemstone expert, Bryan Lichtenstein, for an exclusive and unforgettable night out!

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About This Event

Experience beautiful and exotic gemstones firsthand while you enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks from Marcello’s.

Most people only ever see gemstones after they’ve been set into jewelry, but our Gemstone Roundtable gives you the opportunity to buy gems like a jeweler ⁠— discovering the unique beauty of each gem and then imagining what piece of jewelry can be made with it.

You’ll have the opportunity to handle and learn about a variety of loose gemstones including, exotic colored garnets, spinels, aquamarines, tourmalines, tanzanites, sapphires of every color, and more! Enjoy a fun night out while you discover which gems suit your personality and taste!

All items shown will be for sale.


Reserve Your Spot

The Gemstone Roundtable will be presented at three different times. Pick from brunch or dinner time, tickets are free! Please reserve your seat for either Monday , November 9 at 11am, Monday November 9 at 6pm, or Tuesday November 10 at 6pm.

Call or text 337-706-7316 with any questions or concerns.