Make Your Own Wedding Band

Our Make Your Own Wedding Band Experience is a whole new way to shop for jewelry. It brings you into the workshop giving you the chance to get your hands dirty as you make your own wedding bands. This process allows you and your significant other to design, create, and refine your wedding bands in any way you like.

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We invite you into the design studio after hours to get a one-­on-one experience with our jewelry design team. With the guidance of our expert jeweler, you will use a variety of tools and techniques to melt, roll, and form a metal of your choosing. The process begins with raw material and ends with a beautifully hand-crafted ring.


Throughout the build, we capture your experience by both video and still photography. This video preserves a lasting memory of your creations.


Make Your Own Wedding Band allows couples the ultimate personal experience. Together you forge your rings as you continue to forge your lives.