jewelry inspection and cleaning

At Dianna Rae, we want your jewelry to last a lifetime! That’s why we recommend a ring inspection and cleaning every 6 months. This is the best way to ensure the longevity of your beautiful piece(s) of art.

We offer an in-depth, four-step inspection and cleaning process that keeps your jewelry looking brand new.

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Step 1: We take a close look at your jewelry under a microscope.

Looking under a microscope is the best way to see all the small details not visible to the naked eye. With this thorough checkup, we can be sure to find any current or future problems. Some common problems are thin, bent, or broken prongs, chipped, loose, or missing gemstones, or even worn areas of a piece of jewelry. If we find any issues we can take in your jewelry to repair, or often times, our jeweler can fix the issue on the spot.

Step 2: We bright polish your jewelry.

A bright polish is a surface finish that does not take away metal. This polish takes out minor dings and scratches and gets the precious metals of your jewelry looking like brand new.

Step 3: We soak your jewelry in our ultrasonic cleaner.

The ultrasonic combines a special cleaning solution and ultrasonic waves for a superior clean.

Step 4: We steam your jewelry, especially diamonds, for a finishing touch.

The steamer gives your jewelry an extra high-pressure blast to remove the last bit of fingerprints, oil, grease, lotion, etc. that may be clinging to your jewelry.

Now your jewelry is clean and sparkling like brand new again. We recommend coming in for this special treatment every 6 months or so. 

Disclaimer: Not all jewelry can be steamed or put in ultrasonic. Our professionals will clean and care for your jewelry and gemstones appropriately.

Let’s Talk About “Dipping”

White gold is created by adding a special amount of alloy to the naturally yellow raw gold. This means that white gold jewelry has a slightly yellow tint, and that is why “dipping” or plating is recommended. The process of Rhodium plating adds a thin coating of Rhodium, a member of the platinum family, to the outside of your white gold jewelry. Over time this bright white coating will rub away and your jewelry, especially in areas that get lots of wear, will appear slightly yellow. We recommend that your jewelry is plated or “dipped” once every 6 months to a year.