Gemstone Roundtable Event: Garnets and Opals: October 2018

We filled the back room at Marcello’s with friends, food, and gemstones for two nights in early October. The event provided a memorable buying experience for customers. Jonathan, our world-renowned gem hunter told us about his recent trip to the garnet mines in Africa and passed around loose gemstones, as well as finished pieces of beautiful garnet and opal jewelry. Guests were exposed to a variety of exotic colored opals and garnets — they were able to see and feel each gemstone individually, allowing them to understand the uniqueness of every opal and garnet.

Jonathan has traveled extensively around the world to collect the finest quality gemstones. He told us about the 2015 discovery of the Lotus Garnet in the Mahenge region of north Tanzania. A garnet displaying beautiful blush tones, the Lotus Garnet is exclusively sold by his company, Parlé®, which means that Dianna Rae Jewelry is your local source for the Lotus Garnet.

A truly special event, our Gemstone Roundtable offered guests an opportunity to buy gemstones the way Dianna Rae buys gemstones — directly from the gem hunter himself! It’s safe to say, a great time was had by all! The hors d’oeuvrers from Marcello’s kept our bellies full, and the lemon basil martinis kept smiles on our faces!

We’re already planning our next event.

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