Custom Design Experience

The Dianna Rae Custom Design Experience is a collaborative effort that works within any budget! Our team of designers will guide you through each step — from the initial brainstorming sessions, to choosing every last detail, and perfecting the design until it’s exactly what you’ve imagined. We’ll work together to bring your jewelry dreams to life using the latest technology in jewelry production and design.

Schedule your free custom design consultation through our website or by calling (337) 706-7316. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the jewelry design process, and feel free to read through some of our frequently asked questions.

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Exploring the Possibilities

Whether it's a piece of jewelry you want to makeover or a new idea you'd like us to design from the ground up, we'll work together to create something beautiful. During your free design consultation, one of our jewelry designers will help you explore every possibility. Feel free to bring in pictures of your favorite styles to use as inspiration.


Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Once we’ve decided on a direction together, our CAD/CAM designer will create a 2D render of your custom creation, allowing you to see a realistic image of what your jewelry will actually look like. At this stage, you’ll have the opportunity to make changes to your design, ensuring that it’s exactly suited to your tastes and desires.


Perfecting the Design

Our milling machines and 3D printers give you the opportunity to try on a prototype of your jewelry before it’s actually made. This allows you to experience an actual size mockup of your custom piece during the design process. Tweaks and adjustments can still be made at this stage to ensure that your piece is absolutely perfect!


Adding the Finishing Touches

No piece is complete without the finishing touches! Our in-house jeweler expertly sets your diamonds and gemstones with meticulous care. Hand-crafted details like engraving, milgrain and filigree may also be added to suit the design. Every piece of jewelry is polished to an exquisite finish, and delivered in our signature Dianna Rae Jewelry packaging.

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Let’s create remarkable jewelry together!

Custom design is about you and your story. It’s our job to listen to your story and then turn that into a piece of art. Get started by scheduling a free custom design consultation with one of our jewelry designers.


Custom design can look different for every person and for every project. Whether you’d like to update a piece of jewelry by adding new elements to it, remount your stones into a completely new setting, or start from scratch to create something entirely new, our jewelry designers will work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for. 

Bring in pictures of designs you like. This is a good way for us to get to know your style and taste. We’ll also look at designs in our jewelry cases and images from our portfolio of jewelry pieces. We may also play with prototypes in our jewelry playground to find out what type of style you like. 

The goal of this initial design session is to learn your jewelry tastes, your budget, and your goals for the project. We’ll discuss what type of metal you’d like to use, whether that be platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. We’ll talk about color and what type of stones are appropriate for the design ⁠— vibrant colored gemstones such as opals, garnets, or sapphire ⁠— or sparkling diamonds. We’ll discuss the size and shape of the stones. You might choose a loose stone that we have in store, or we may order in stones more suited to your project for you to choose from. We’ll talk about every possible detail. If it’s a ring we’re creating, we’ll size your finger to ensure that we have your correct ring size and therefore provide you with an accurate estimate.

During this initial design consultation, you can expect:

An enjoyable and collaborative design experience

Expertise from our in-house jewelry designers

Gemstone selection and advice to fit your taste and your budget

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Using jewelry-specific design software, known as Matrix® and CounterSketch®, our technical designers will create one or more photorealistic images of your custom jewelry. Accompanied with your render, will be an accurate estimate of the completed project cost. Our in-house designers will walk you through the design and the estimate, ensuring you fully understand the scope of the project. We’ll listen to your feedback and make changes to the design as necessary to suit your taste and budget.

The goal of this design phase is to get a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking for. We will make changes to the render until you absolutely love it! 

During this design phase, you can expect:

Computer-generated image(s) of your design

An accurate estimate of the completed project cost to fit within your budget

The opportunity to make changes to your design

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After you’ve approved the photorealistic image of your custom jewelry, we’ll 3D print an actual size prototype of your piece if you’d like. All we request is a deposit of $150 that will be applied to the overall price of your piece. This 3D prototype will allow you to try on the piece before it’s actually made. We will even place the gemstones in the 3D print so you can have a realistic depiction of the finished piece. This also allows us to test fit the gem into the 3D print. Tweaks and adjustments can still be made at this stage to guarantee that your piece meets all Dianna Rae Jewelry standards and is exactly what you’re looking for. Once you have approved the 3D print, your design is now ready for casting. 

During this design phase, you can expect:

An actual size prototype of your custom piece

Final tweaks and adjustments (if needed)

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After your piece has been cast, our in-house jeweler gets to work adding the finishing touches to your piece. Your gemstones and diamonds will be expertly set by hand in our workshop. Finishing touches like hand engraving, milgrain accents, filigree, textures, and special finishes are also added.

During this last design phase, you can expect:

Expert setting of your diamonds and gemstones by our in-house jeweler

Final design elements

A beautifully polished piece presented to you in our Dianna Rae Jewelry packaging