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Custom Design

We work with you to bring your jewelry dreams to life using innovative tools, creative ideas, and hand-crafted quality. Our signature custom design experience is a collaborative process that works within any budget.


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STEP 1 : Inspired Ideas

Bring us your ideas, favorite styles, and inspiration! We will work with you to create something truly beautiful and unique. Schedule an appointment or stop by the store to get started on your custom, personalized piece.


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STEP 2 : Designing Your Jewelry

From the artistry of hand sketches to the latest technology in 3D jewelry design, we bring your custom jewelry design to life using our broad array of in-house capabilities. We take our time and work with you every step of the way. Your custom design experience includes expert education and consultation on every detail, one-on-one design sessions in the store, and online design interaction and project updates.


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STEP 3 : Crafting Your Jewelry

Your jewelry will be crafted using the methods perfectly suited to your unique design. Whether using innovative computer aided manufacturing technology, such as Revo540 milling machines and 3D printers, or hand fabrication by our expert jeweler, your custom piece will be created with creativity and precision.


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STEP 4 : Finishing Your Jewelry

Depending on your design, your jewelry is completed with these finishing touches:

Expert setting of the diamonds and gemstones • Hand-crafted details and enhancements like engraving, milgrain, and filigree • All jewelry is marked with the fineness of the metal and our signature Dianna Rae Jewelry mark • All jewelry is polished to an exquisite finish • Delivered in a signature Dianna Rae Jewelry presentation package


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Let’s create remarkable jewelry together!

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