Jewelry Repair: How You Know It’s Time for Maintenance

We often overlook the signs that tell us when our jewelry may need some maintenance. Before a gem falls out, there are simple ways for us to detect those signs.

The first thing you want to look for is thin or broken prongs. Your gemstones stay secure as long as the prongs are strong and in place. When the prongs wear down, so do its strength and integrity. What we can do to fix that adds metal and reshape the prongs to hold gemstones properly.

Another sign you can look for is loose ​​stones themselves. To check if a large ​diamond or gemstone is loose, you can simply tap the ring against your hand and listen closely for a clicking sound indicating that a gem is loose. Also, if look closely enough, you may be able to detect small rotating gems. This means that either the prongs are wearing down or have bent. A simple prong re-tipping or tightening can secure your gemstones from falling out.

Another sign you can look for is worn shanks. At the bottom of your ring, closest to your palm, is where your ring gets a lot of wear and tear. Over time, especially with heirlooms and antique rings, the metal wears down, becomes thin, and breaks. ​We can make your shank thicker and more durable.

​The best way to make sure that your fine jewelry stays in tip-top condition is to simply bring it to us for a free cleaning and inspection. We recommend this be done every six months so small issues can be spotted and easily repaired before they become a big repair.


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