Natural Color Diamond Event

April 30 – May 4

Natural color diamonds are a true wonder of nature! They allure us with their sparkling hues of blue, pink, green, and yellow, to name of few. No other gemstone can match their rarity and beauty. Each color has something different to offer and a unique charm all its own. Whether in a ring, necklace, or pair of earrings, the individual characteristics of each color can inspire new designs.

The physical conditions must be just right to color a diamond naturally, making natural color diamonds extremely rare. These miracles of nature are found all over the world, but you don’t have to travel far to enjoy their beauty and wonderment. We’ve worked with highly respected diamond dealers to bring these remarkable diamonds to Lafayette, Louisiana, and it’s our joy to share them with you.

Please join us April 30 through May 4 to view these spectacular diamonds in our store. Private appointments with Dianna Rae are also available.

Read more about natural color diamonds below.

Natural Color Diamonds

There is only a 1 in 10,000 chance that a diamond will possess any natural color at all.

Over billions of years deep in the earth, improbable circumstances created natural color diamonds. A minute amount of trace elements interacting with carbon atoms brought about the natural color in these diamonds. Natural color diamonds are, by definition, not treated in any way.

The hue and saturation of a natural color diamond are the most important factors that determine the value and rarity. All natural color diamonds are rare; however, pink, blue, and green diamonds are considered extremely rare, while red, purple and orange diamonds are the most rare. Each color can range from light to vivid, and the value will increase as the hue becomes more saturated. When looking at two diamonds with the same color rarity and intensity, the larger diamond is the most valuable.

Modified or blended colors are also very common among natural color diamonds. A diamond can have one to three modifiers to the primary color perceived, and so there is an infinite number of color possibilities.

From the faintest shade of pastel pink, brown, or yellow to the deepest shade of blue, green, or orange, this natural phenomenon is truly something to be treasured.


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