Facebook LIVE Video Giveaway for Valentine’s Day 2018

This year for Valentine’s Day, we decided to do a Facebook LIVE Video Giveaway. We gave away $1,000 dollars worth of jewelry to 13 wonderful Facebook followers who had a blast engaging and participating. For a week afterward we were pleased to have these wonderful ladies visit our store and present them with their prizes! Here is the list of winners and watch the video shown below of the actual event!

Megg Simmons – Pearl Earrings
Rachel Firoir – Sterling Silver Necklace
Brooke Bell – Pink Pearl Earrings
Kathryn Shea Duncan – Crystal Vermeil Necklace
Dinah Morgan – Sterling Silver Necklace
Sara Yentzen – Moonstone Necklace
Bridgette Bonnecarrere – Sterling Silver Bracelet
Taryn Shexnayder – Sterling Silver Hershey’s Charm Bracelet
Carol Sholty Rhodus – Pink Pearl Earrings
Becki Richard – Sterling Silver Necklace
Jeanelle LeBlanc – Pearl Earrings
Susie Gottardi – Sterling Silver Earrings
Emily Leonard – 14K White Gold Moissanite Necklace (GRAND PRIZE!)

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