Tanner and Morgen

The love story of Tanner and Morgen began at church camp the summer after his senior year. Tanner courted Morgen for some time until one New Year’s Eve when they finally started dating. They were together for two years, then went their separate ways. After college and four years to learn and grow as individuals, they found each other in the same place again – ready to move forward with a serious relationship.

Morgen had been dropping hints for Tanner about planning a future together for a while, but his plan for a surprise proposal had to wait until she least expected it! Tanner designed a beautiful pear-shaped diamond ring here at Dianna Rae Jewelry and waited for the perfect opportunity to pop the big question. He commissioned her cousins, photographers Brooke and Palir, to take pictures of the two as stand-in models for their photography business. Meanwhile, Morgen had no idea they would be engaged in the photo shoot!

In downtown Lake Charles at a venue named “The Heist,” Tanner set up a room with letter balloons spelling out “Marry Me?” along with various other beautiful decor. He knelt down on one knee, surrounded by red rose petals in the shape of a heart, while he waited for his soon-to-be fiance’ to walk through the door. As soon as she entered, she melted and said YES! Tanner’s perfect photo shoot proposal was forever captured in these Valentine’s Day images by Brooke and Pilar Photography.


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