Brent and Heather

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Read Brent and Heather’s poetic love story, written by the couple themselves!

How They Met

Pigs finally flew for who knew just 30 miles apart had always lived these two. The sun set on their first date and an unfamiliar sparkle in their eyes shined. Hand in hand wearing perfect smiles, Brent & Heather instantly knew that God had sent the other to prove that loyal unconditional love is really true. Quickly the four of them became destined to share forever, and what better day to say I do than on what have been the 78th wedding anniversary of a special two.

The Proposal

A true love story never ends. A pretty face will grow old, but a good soul lasts forever. The church & the date were most important to their forever. So unconventional, they ensured their eternity would begin at the same time & place as the groom’s grandparents. The torched lite road reminding them that at the end of the day God would always lead the way to the peace of each, so their venue was a perfect must. Materialistic objects come and go, but their legendary love is here to stay; therefore, the customized ring developed over time. Though the groom assumed he would wait to combine the center stone & customized design, an 11:11 delivery interrupted that view. So first came to stone proposal with bed hair and pjs. Then came the strategic proposal using the completed product with the help of the couples loving two.

The Ring

For you are my person, and so, the design was incorporated by the two. The bride’s dream Christmas vacation is NYC and serves as the original home of the center stone. A pear shape was chosen to remind the two of the importance of happy tears to share over the years. The classic cathedral represents that God’s presence must always be. The groom’s Marine philosophy of honor, courage, and commitment was engraved as a daily reminder of how to treat each other. To tie it all together, a sapphire was placed to ensure the loyalty over the years always remains between the two.


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