Couture Two-Tone Natural Green Diamond Ring with Natural Pink Diamond Halo

This colorful ring boasts a 1.88 carat Fancy Green Natural Color Diamond surrounded by a halo of Natural Pink Diamonds. Set in 18 karat rose gold, the blushing tones of the natural pink diamonds really shine. Sparkling white diamonds cascade down the platinum band, adding even more glamour.
Natural green diamonds are extremely rare, so much so that only a handful of them are introduced into the market each year. Natural green diamonds are found predominately in regions of Africa and South America. They get their color once they arrive at the earth’s surface and rest in the ground near naturally occurring radiation. This radiation pushes into the diamond causing absorption in the red and yellow regions of the color spectrum producing a green color. Green diamonds range in color from a light mint green to a vivid grass green.
Today, most natural pink diamonds are found in the Argyle mine of Western Australia. India and Brazil have also been known to produce some of the world’s natural pink diamonds in centuries past. Diamonds become pink when heat and pressure deep within the earth cause the crystal lattice to distort. These distortions cause pink diamonds to absorb green light and hence impart a pink color. Pink diamonds range in color from a delicate pastel to a deep raspberry color.
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This is a one of a kind item and does not have a current price available. Dianna Rae Jewelry is all about custom jewelry. We would be happy to work with you to create your own version of this amazing style. If you have questions or would like a custom quote on your variation of this design,

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