Nature-Inspired Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant

A Dianna Rae Original design, this nature-inspired pendant features an impressive Koroit Boulder Opal surrounded by a hand-engraved 14 karat gold frame. Boulder opal is a solid opal that occurs in the cracks and cavities of ironstone. The natural ironstone backing is left when cutting the rough into a polished opal. Koroit opal refers to opal that comes from a particular area in Queensland, Australia. They’re known for their deep, strong ironstone with striking patterns and inclusions of color. This outstanding opal boasts blue and purple veins running through it. Flowers and vines, as well as a delicate butterfly are hand-engraved on the frame, creating a beautiful and interesting mounting for the opal.The graceful and feminine frame is a nice compliment to this audacious opal, creating a beautifully well-balanced piece.

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