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Platinum and Rose Gold Pink Diamond Double Halo ring

$7,890.00 (Center Diamond Not Included)

This brilliant platinum and 14 karat rose gold ring glimmers with a double halo design and diamond under gallery. Rare fancy natural pink diamonds create a romantic halo around the center diamond, while a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds adds even more glamour. The under gallery is studded with sparkling white and natural pink diamonds to complete the look.

Center: 1.56 carat modified cushion cut diamond
0.86 carat total weight round brilliant cut diamonds
0.24 carat total weight round brilliant cut rare fancy natural pink diamonds

Natural pink diamonds are extremely rare and highly-sought after. The conditions must be just right in order for a diamond to possess color naturally. Natural color pink diamonds are created when pressure deep within the earth causes the crystal lattice to distort. These distortions cause pink diamonds to absorb green light and hence impart a pink color. Today, the Argyle mine in Western Australia is the source of the vast majority of world’s supply of natural pink diamonds.


More About Natural Color Diamonds
*This spectacular diamond-filled ring holds approximately a 1ct center diamond. The price is for the ring mounting only. We have a large selection of loose diamonds in every size and quality at great prices!
This piece of jewelry was custom designed. Contact us to remake a similar design for you.