Royce and Taylor

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Congratulations to Royce & Taylor, and thank you for sharing your love story with us.


Royce and I met when we began singing in our church’s choir in high school. We were friends but never anything more than that, until we went to college and we became closer friends. We began to hang out more and more until one day we decided friends wasn’t enough. The rest is history! We have been together for a little over 5 years and I couldn’t picture my life any other way.


Royce and I knew we’d get married since we started dating 5 years ago. We decided we wanted to graduate college first before we took that next step. Royce always wanted the proposal to be a surprise and took it upon himself to make sure I didn’t see it coming. I knew the ring was under works, but had no idea when, where, or how it would happen! Royce knows me well and knew I’d want it to be private and personal. So one Sunday afternoon after morning mass and right before we were about to go visit both of our families, he got on one knee in the doorway of my home, just us two, and asked me to marry him. There was no flowers or candles or a photographer, just us two. He told me how much he loved me and some other gushy stuff, and I, of course, said yes!


My ring is a 1.8 carat oval lab grown diamond on a yellow gold solitaire band. I love the simplicity of this ring and have always known this is the design I wanted. I designed the ring myself with the help of Hannah Landry (who I actually have known since elementary school) and gave Royce the information to purchase it. It is everything I wanted and more! I cannot wait to pair it with my band in September.

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