Andrew and Alexis

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Congratulations to Andrew & Alexis, and thank you for sharing your love story with us.


On May 5, 2019 Alexis’s dad introduced Alexis and Andrew at Lafayette Skeet Academy. Alexis’s brother was shooting skeet and Andrew was there boiling crawfish. Andrew immediately offered Alexis a beer and that’s how it all started. After spending hours together we knew it was something special between us and have been together ever since.


On the 3 year anniversary of the day we met, Andrew planned a picnic on the farm we met at. As we drove up to the farm, Andrew started playing “Better Together” by Luke Combs. He somehow timed the music perfectly in the car and let it continue to play until we were standing in front of the picnic where he dropped to his knee right at the lyric “Your first and my last name would just sound better together” it was something out of a movie!!


I’ve always loved the Marquis style diamond. We went to try on rings months ago and it only confirmed that I loved that cut. Andrew ended up fully designing the ring on his own and I think that is what I love most about it!!

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