Brett and Karli

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Read Brett and Karli’s story — from the beach trip that introduced them, to the heartwarming proposal and the meaningful ring.

How They Met

Brett and Karli met in Panama City at the beach in 2013. Brett was on his senior trip and Karli was on a trip with a group of friends. One of Karli’s friends knew one of Brett’s friends, and both groups ended up at the beach at the same time, so they all got together one night to hang out. Brett and Karli didn’t really meet that night, but that’s the night they first saw each other. There must have been some obvious chemistry between them, because the next day their friends were all talking about how Brett and Karli thought each other were cute. They met up again that night and have been together ever since. They officially started dating on 7-17-13, about a month after meeting each other.

The Proposal

Brett and Karli had a home date planned Saturday, November 30, 2019. They were going to cook and watch a movie together. Karli started cooking as soon as they got home. While she was cooking, she asked Brett to set up the DVD player in the living room. She put the food into the oven and went to sit down on the couch. As she was about to sit down on the couch, she heard the song that she wanted to dance to for their first dance as a married couple (“I get to love you” by Ruelle). Karli looked up and saw a slide show playing of pictures of the two of them. After the slide show was finished Karli turned to Brett and he said, “So if you’ll have me, I’d like to love you forever.” Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Karli’s response was “ OF COURSE.”

The Ring

The center diamond in Karli’s ring is her great grandmother’s diamond, which gives her ring even more meaning. She wanted something simple but stunning, so her round diamond is set in a traditional six prong setting with a petal band. In Karli’s words, “Dianna and her team did an amazing job. It’s absolutely perfect!”

Photo Credits: Delayne Sonnier, Golden House Entertainment

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