Hunter and Kylie

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Read Hunter and Kylie’s story — from the way their moms brought them together, to the video shoot proposal, and the meaningful ring.

How They Met

Way back when, Hunter and Kylie’s moms were best friends in high school. At a very young age Hunter and Kylie would attend each other’s birthday parties — up until the age that they started to make their own friends at school. Their moms still kept in touch, but Hunter and Kylie never did cross paths again until they were older. One night over wine and sushi, Kylie’s mom, Michelle, said to her, “You won’t find a husband sitting here with me on a Friday night … well wait, maybe you might.” Then she showed Kylie Hunter’s picture on Facebook. It was then that Kylie replied, “This may not be the worst idea you’ve ever had.” In the meantime, Hunter’s mom, Arlette, was putting a bug in Hunter’s ear that he should reach out to Kylie. After Hunter took a leap of faith and messaged Kylie on Facebook in February, they continued to talk daily. In April of 2018, Hunter came in town, on leave from the Air Force. Once he was in town, Hunter and Kylie went on, not one, but two dates in the same day! They have been inseparable ever since. In Hunter and Kylie’s words, “We both just knew we found our person.”

The Proposal

Although Hunter is 12 hours away, stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, he pulled off the most incredible proposal ever. Hunter’s cousins run Cafe Vermilionville, a beautiful local restaurant in town. Little did Kylie know that they were in on the surprise. Hunter’s cousin, Andrea, reached out to Kylie and a couple of other cousins to ask if they’d be willing to be in a commercial for the restaurant on October 13, 2019. Without hesitation Kylie said yes. Chase, with Fleaux Media, was going to be filming and would direct the whole thing. The setup was that Kylie would be sitting at a table waiting for friends to meet her for brunch. After re-doing the take of Andrea serving Kylie a mimosa numerous times, the last take was Hunter serving the mimosa instead of Kylie’s “server” Andrea. The whole time Kylie was convinced that Hunter was still on base in Missouri doing a special training that spanned the weekend, so needles to say, she was shocked to see him! When Hunter got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, it was the easiest and most confident “yes” of her life!

The Ring

With the help of Mary, Preston and Dianna, Hunter and Kylie designed the perfect ring together. All along Kylie knew that she wanted a micro pavé band with milgrain incorporated somehow. A hidden halo was also a must. She always liked a radiant cut, and after much thought, Hunter and Kylie agreed it was the perfect shape for her long narrow fingers. They incorporated yellow gold in the halo to have a mixture of both white and yellow gold. Kylie says that what she loves most about the ring is how sparkly it is! The radiant cut diamond and micro pavé really make it glisten. Kylie also loves the added touch of his birthstone that Hunter added inside the band. She says the ring is such a symbol of her personality and style, and it’s even more special that they made it together.

Photo Credit: Chase Guidroz, Fleaux Media

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