Dawson and Camille

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Congratulations to Dawson & Camille, and thank you for sharing your love story with us.

How They Met

Dawson was in the same fraternity as my older brother at UL. My brother kept telling me about this guy who thought I was cute and wanted to get to know me. I finally gave in and reached out to him. After our first date, we were inseparable!

The Proposal

A few weeks before my birthday, Dawson asked me to take off of work for my birthday because his boss has just so happened to be going out of town that day so he had off as well. On my actual birthday, he took me to get coffee, took me shopping, cuddled up and watched movies on the couch, and really just made the day about us. As I was getting ready for dinner that night, I mentioned how I didn’t know what to wear. Dawson was in the living room when he said “I have something you could wear”. I walked out into the living room and he was on one knee with the ring!

The Ring

The thing I love most about the ring is that Dawson picked it out all by himself. He asked my best friend for an idea of what I wanted, but he ultimately decided on this one alone! I think that makes it so special.

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