Justin and Randee

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, your story is our story. Randee shares her and Justin’s history up until the surprise proposal in Los Angeles!

How They Met

Justin and I have a very millennial love story. Around April 2013 he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I don’t usually accept people I don’t know, but we had a lot of mutual friends and I thought he was cute. A couple weeks later we ended up following each other on Instagram too. After he liked a lot of my photos, we ended up texting. I lived in Baton Rouge at the time, but when I was in town for the weekend so we met up! Right after we met, Justin left for the entire summer so we did not begin dating until August!

The Proposal

In January we planned a short spring break trip to Los Angeles, California. By the time we left for the trip we had already met with Dianna Rae, so I knew it was likely that he had the ring. However, the entire trip Justin didn’t carry a backpack, so I figured he wasn’t going to propose since I would be able to see the ring box. On the last day there, March 31st, we went to the Griffith Observatory which overlooks the whole city and the Hollywood sign. After spending time up there and taking a couple photos, I told him I was ready to go. Justin insisted of having someone take our photo, even though I was not in the mood to ask strangers to take our picture. While I waited he found a couple, and told them his plan. After the first photo he “dropped” something, got down on his knee, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him. The whole thing happened so fast I was in shock for about 30 minutes.

The Ring

I knew for a while that I liked oval diamonds. In December we went to Dianna Rae to look around and I saw the Magnolia and the Daisy designs. I loved both. I loved how different the Daisy looked, and how the halo brought so much attention to the diamond. But, I didn’t want a round diamond. Eventually when we went back I asked if they could make a daisy-like ring with an oval instead. The end result ended up being perfect! I explained to Dianna Rae what I like about Daisy, and showed her some photos of rings on Pinterest. She was super helpful and they got to designing the ring immediately. I received a digital image of their design less than a week later. Next time I went to the store I talked to Preston, who was designing it on the computer, and we edited the design some. He let me watch him work on the design which was super neat. That evening, they sent me the new photo and we went forward with it! The ring is so much more beautiful than I could have imagined, and I love being able to tell people I helped design my ring. Everyone at Dianna Rae was so helpful and made the experience amazing!

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