Larry and Sharon

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Read Larry and Sharon’s story, from how they met at a local restaurant, to the proposal in which Larry included Sharon’s sweet dog, and the ring that Sharon always admired.

How They Met

While finishing up her BS in Psychology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Sharon was working as the manager at a local restaurant. Larry, currently living and working in  South Carolina, was on a business trip in Lafayette when he and his coworkers stopped in to eat at the restaurant where Sharon was working. They came in from time to time, and eventually Larry and Sharon started sharing small conversations while he was dining in. They had so much in common that it just made sense to exchange phone numbers. After Sharon’s graduation, and 396 days in a long distance relationship, Sharon left her Cajun roots and moved to the Low Country in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Proposal

It all started with a mysterious package delivery. Sharon opened the door to receive a package that she had to sign for but couldn’t open. Little did she know, it was from Dianna Rae Jewelry, and the mysterious box held her engagement ring! Larry made sure to have Dianna Rae change the return address so that Sharon couldn’t figure out who had sent the package. Late one night, after his shift at work, Larry grabbed Sharon’s sweet dog, Miko, while she headed to bed. A little while later, he later came upstairs and began talking to Sharon about Miko’s collar — why was it so faded, what are these tags on it, etc. She answered his questions without looking at the collar until he finally said “Sharon, will you just look at the collar?” When she looked down at the collar and saw the ring (that he had so cleverly attached to the collar) in her hand, all she could say was “Jr, what did you do?!” And of course, she said YES!!

The Ring

Sharon had her eye on the Dianna Rae Original, Magnolia for a while! Early on in their relationship, Sharon sent Larry a picture of the ring, and he saved it until the day he walked into Dianna Rae and bought it!

Photography Credit: Everlasting Exposures

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