Kavin and Morgan

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Read Kavin and Morgan’s story, from their first picnic date, to the Colorado Springs proposal, and the meaning behind her morganite ring!

How They Met

Kavin and Morgan met in 2010 through their best friends, Jeremy and Ashley, who are now married to each other. Not long after Kavin met Morgan, he mentioned to Jeremy and Ashley that if she ever gave him the opportunity he would “wife Morgan up”! Haha! Morgan says she believes the universe brought them together. They both felt it on their first date — a picnic at Girard Park with Schlotzsky’s sandwiches. In Morgan’s words, “Best first date everrrrr!”

The Proposal

Kavin proposed to Morgan on May 6, 2019 while on a trip in Colorado Springs with their best friends, Jeremy and Ashley. They were at Pikes Peak (stop #6 Crystal Reservoir ). Morgan had no idea what was about to happen. She later found out that Kavin, Jeremy, and Ashley had everything planned out, secret code words included! As they drove through Pikes Peak, Morgan was so relaxed, just taking in the beautiful scenery. Little did she know that Kavin, Jeremy and Ashley were all scoping out the landscape, trying to find the perfect spot for Kavin to pop the question. On the way up, they stopped at Crystal Reservoir and Morgan snapped a breathtaking photo of the scenery! Right then, one of them said the code word and the proposal location was decided. They continued to make their way up a 14,115 ft elevation at 28 degrees all the way to the top. As they were making their way back down, they decided to stop back at Crystal Reservoir to have a picnic and enjoy the scenery one last time. More code words were said — “You guys take a picture of me and Jeremy, and we’ll take one of you guys.” As Morgan finished taking Jeremy and Ashley’s photo, Kavin came up from behind her saying “I guess it’s about time we did this.” She turned around, thinking he was talking about eating, and there he was down on one knee. Morgan’s knees got weak and she fell to the ground in happy tears. Of course she said “yes!” In Morgan’s words, “BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!”

The Ring

Morgan’s ring is an emerald cut morganite solitaire with diamond accents on either side. Morgan loves gemstones and knew right away that a traditional diamond engagement ring wasn’t for her. Morganite was what she truly wanted, and the color was key. Morgan says that everything about this ring is so her, from the champagne color of the Morganite (not too pink) to the timeless emerald cut and the diamond accents on either side. Morganite is a heart chakra stone and carries the energy of divine love and compassion. This is another reason she fell in love with this gem!

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