Nick and Brooke

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Read Nick and Brooke’s story, from the first coffee date, to the New York City proposal, and the timeless, classic ring.

How They Met

It all started when Nick met Brooke’s aunt, Nikki, at a church event. In a friendly, casual conversation, Nick ended up telling Nikki that he’d likely marry a nurse one day. This led Nikki to tell Nick about her AWESOME niece who was currently in nursing school. Nikki insisted that Nick meet her niece, Brooke, so Nick and Brooke began messaging back and forth on Facebook until they eventually met for the first time at a local coffee house. They obviously hit it off right away, because before they knew it five hours had flown by! Call it divine intervention or call it an aunt’s intuition, Nick and Brooke are thankful for that church event and Nick’s chat with Aunt Nikki.

The Proposal

It was December 11, 2018. Nick and Brooke were on vacation in New York City. Luckily Nick had made it this far into the trip, and all the way through airport security, without Brooke noticing the ring. Now, here they were at the Top of the Rock observation deck and Nick was ready to propose. He looked around for a few fellow tourists nearby to recruit as photographers. He spotted three women visiting from England. They looked like the perfect strangers to take pictures and videos of this special moment. Nick gave Brooke a gift first — jewelry his grandmother had given him before she passed away. When Nick told Brooke that it was to be given to his wife one day, Brooke was a little caught off guard. That’s when he dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him.

The Ring

Brooke loves simple, classic, timeless jewelry. She wanted a thin gold band with an oval diamond solitaire. She also wanted the option to be able to add stackable bands to her ring over the years.

The Dianna Rae Experience

“Preston was so helpful. He was never pushy and always informative about what options would be best for price, as well as what would be the best quality. He also nailed the design I was looking for — he showed me the tools they have — the extensive equipment helped put my mind at ease knowing they had everything it took to make EXACTLY what I wanted. I’d do business here any day.” –  Nick

The Wedding

Nick and Brooke will have a traditional Louisiana wedding at Rip Van Winkle Gardens in New Iberia, LA, complete with delicious Cajun food, drinks, and dancing. They will be joined by their family and friends for a beautiful wedding ceremony that will take place outside, overlooking the lake, and then they’ll dance the night away at the reception!

Photo Credit: Danni Duck Photography

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