Kayleigh + Cameron

How they met
A mutual friend (shout out to John Altamirano) had mentioned one day at work how he had someone in mind for me… a few minutes later I get a Facebook message saying “hey what’s up?” … and here we are now 🙂
The proposal

In May 2023, I had won the Heart of Nursing at Ochsner Lafayette General and the banquet was supposed to be that night so we were going to be dressed up! It was canceled last minute, but Cameron was still able to convince me to get dressed up and go to a nice dinner to celebrate. Little did I know he had a plan all along to propose!!! Our parents met us at my house “to go eat out” but it was really because he was about to propose. I have a 16 year old pup that is very special to me and he walked into the living room with a little card on his collar saying “hey mom… will you marry step daddy Cam?” IF YOU COULD ONLY THE IMAGINE THE SHOCK ON MY FACE!!! I was so surprised when I turned around and saw him on his knee!! It is so special how he included our parents and my pup. The most perfect proposal!!

The ring
I LOVE everything about my ring. The style, the shape, the uniqueness of it.
Funny story, my best friend and I randomly went look at rings for fun one day a year or so before all of this. I had tried on many different styles. When I saw this one, I fell in loveeeee with it. You guys put my name down and the different rings I had liked that day.
Fast forward a year or so later, I had NO CLUE that Cameron had gone look at rings much less bought one!! He says he had to go to multiple places to find the exact place I had left my information at (impressed with the determination).
When I saw the ring my exact words were “OMG ITS THE RING I LOVE!!”

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