Dondie & Aaron

How they Met

Aaron and I actually went to high school together! He is a few years older than me, so naturally I knew who he was before he knew I even existed (lol). Throughout high school we had mutual friends, but never actually hung out until a few years after high school ended. Naturally, he “slid into my dms” and we went on a few dates. Although, it didn’t go anywhere until a year later when we began talking again after failed relationships. The rest is history! We welcomed a baby girl into the world in 2021, 2 years into our relationship and Aaron proposed January 6th of 2023! Best day ever second to the birth of our daughter!

The Proposal 

January 6th 2023!
I had purchased Aaron tickets to a basketball game out in New Orleans for Christmas! In all honesty I don’t think I even watched the game I was too busy staring at my ring/sharing the exciting news! We were planning on making a weekend out of it so it was no surprise when Aaron booked us a cute little hotel not far from the stadium (Virgin Hotel) On our way to New Orleans Aaron started to get anxious because they had moved the game up about an hour, I thought it was weird but chalked it up to him just being worried about missing the game. (We had at leas two hours to kill before the game would start) oh did I mention I had actually figured out his plan and knew he would be proposing to me in New Orleans?? My nanny had called me a few days prior offering to go get our nails done and pay for it. Which I thought was weird…she said it would be a late Christmas present because she hadn’t gotten me anything. This is totally not like my nanny as she is a planner and always has gifts in advance…. So I called my mom and started explaining and basically unraveling their entire plan (which she was in on, naturally). My mom being quick witted completely derailed me and made me believe there was no way he was proposing said weekend. So, fast forward we get to our hotel in New Orleans and I notice a sign that says our hotel had a rooftop bar! So I say, “oh Aaron look! There’s a rooftop bar we can grab some drinks before the game!” No clue that this man has been coordinating my engagement proposal for the last week on this rooftop patio with rose petals, champagne, and candles (sobbing!!) He of course downplayed my excitement and replied “yeah that sounds good if we have time.” So, we go to our room get dressed and are ready to head to the rooftop! When the elevator doors opened we were greeted by the hotel manager who excitedly told us hey when he saw us. (I was so confused by this because it seemed as if he knew Aaron. I assumed he just mistook him for someone else LOL) okay, here comes the engagement!!!!!!!!

We walk through a doorway and I see rose petals and candles everywhere and I’m like oh Aaron look! Someone is going to propose! NO IDEA THAT ITS ME! He starts pulling me toward the roses and I still haven’t processed what is happening so I was actually trying to steer him away because I thought we were about to crash someone’s proposal… when I did finally catch on I was in shock. So much so, that I was actually telling him to stop HA. He gave a beautiful speech and presented me with the ring and I’m not even sure if I said yes before throwing it on my finger, I was elated! Then we popped champagne and hurried off to the game! And celebrated shortly after by blowing $300 at the casino. Thanks Harras!