Logan and Haley

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Congratulations to Logan and Haley, and thank you for sharing your love story with us.

How They Met

In the summer of 2019 my dad was helping with his nephew (by marriage) on a paint job at his nephews sisters house. My dad is a talker and got on the subject with her husband about his step son and I. They were apparently joking about Logan and I getting married because we were both the same age, both single and yada yada. My dad comes home and tells my mom casually what they talked about but she took it and RAN with it. That same night she called his mom, whom she had been knowing a long time, and they were chit-chatting all about us. They made a plan for us to go to one of his softball games and we would all meet. The thing is, I am SHY. I would normally never do something like this but at the time I thought why not? I never went into it thinking he would become my boyfriend or anything, I thought at the most I’ll just make a new friend. We got to the game and he’s in the field. When the first game ends he comes to us and but he looked so reluctant. He was so quiet and shy and barely introduced himself to me. We went to Chilis after and he seemed so uninterested, barely speaking. The entire dinner was just the parents talking to each other. I left thinking this would be a one time thing.

As you can see we did not have good first impressions of each other!

But fate intervened,
He messages me on Facebook that night. We exchanged some words and he asks if I would like to go hangout with his friends the following weekend. I was shocked but I agreed. Plans fell through but by the next weekend after we finally hung out.
I was nervous! I was thinking I’m so shy, he’s so shy, what will we talk about!
He comes pick me up and I kid you not he was so loud and so goofy. He gave both of my parents hugs. He was laughing and making ease of conversation. Complete opposite of when I first met him!

The night ends with a good time and by the next weekend we were to hang out again but this time it was for his birthday, to play Top Golf with his friends and family. Once again he was so funny, charismatic, life of the party and I thought this must be his true self…. who he was that first time was a fluke!
After that night, on the drive to and from we talked a bunch, got a chance to get to know each other. After having genuine conversations, my feelings started to slowly sprout. I was set to leave for NY. The week before he took me to dinner every single day. We went play put-put, went to the movies. Spent a lot of time together. Once I left for my trip he called me every night and he was such a joy to talk to. We got closer and closer in such a short time. Two weeks after meeting he was calling me Mrs. Albert! At the time I thought he was insane, little did I know….
After that it was all history!
We began officially dating three weeks after that on September 7th.

The Proposal

Logan and I love road trips but since the new year began and I started a new semester, we haven’t had much time to travel. We had been wanting to go somewhere and he asked if I would like to go to Jefferson Island and eat lunch. I agreed and waited til the weekend. The day came, he picks me up and we’re on our way and the entrance said “Rip Van Winkle Gardens” and immediately shout “IS THIS A SURPRISE?’ I said this because I had been wanting to come here due to having an affinity for plants and flowers but I didn’t know it had a restaurant too. Little did I know I was in for one heck of a surprise a few hours down the line!

We ate at the restaurant inside. He was nervous the whole time but he kept making excuses that it was because it was a nicer place and he felt underdressed or things like that.
I thought nothing of it.
After eating we went stroll in the gardens. I was so excited. I’m taking photos left and right because it was all so beautiful. I take us on this brick path that led to a water well. I’m making him take pictures of me in front of everything (lol) and I wanted him to take some more of just us. He agrees but wanted us to go sit on the wooden bench under the tree and take some there. I was reluctant because I didn’t want to get my skirt dirty but he gestures to sit on his lap so I did.
I snap a photo of us and I’m looking down at my phone. He says my name and I briefly look into his eyes and he says ‘Will you marry me?” My initial thought was, he’s kidding! I only say that because he’s jokingly proposed to me before and we were sitting down so in my mind I thought it was fake. But in the millisecond I thought this, I saw in the corner of my eye, him pull out a black box and my heart STOPPED!
He opens the box and asks me again. At this point I’m in shock. My hands started to shake, my eyes welling up and I say “Wait…. Wait. Wait. Hold on! Wait!!!” I needed to process what was happening!
I couldn’t believe it!
After a few seconds, I say “Yes!” and he puts the ring on my finger. I’m looking down at my hand, feeling like I’m in a daydream. He caught me completely off guard. It wasn’t til after that he asked why I thought he was kidding I said “Its because you weren’t down on one knee!’ He face went into panic and says “I COMPLETELY FORGOT!” We laughed about it, it was perfect the way he did it. Though, it will be a cute and funny story to tell our kids one day (-:

The Ring

My first choice was always Dianna Rae’s. Ever since Logan made me a necklace from her for our 1 year anniversary, I had been obsessed over her jewelry. When we decided to look at engagement rings we looked at other places but nothing compared.
We eventually went to Dianna’s and all my dreams of a ring came true. Her bridal collection is absolutely stunning. She combines vintage with modern design and it is so unique.
She has so many styles you can choose from. We designed it together. I loved the diamond halo effect and design of the diamonds on the band. It looked so elegant and fanciful.
I honestly cannot chose a favorite part, because it is the entire ring! Every detail is perfect.
I chose the look of the ring because it reminded me of vintage weddings rings I’ve seen except with a twist. It honestly feels like a princess fairytale ring and Logan is my price charming so it only makes sense!

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