Bailey and Natalie

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Congratulations to Bailey and Natalie, and thank you for sharing your love story with us.

How They Met

Natalie: Our relationship began as a friendship about eight years ago when we were thirteen and fourteen. We volunteered at the same church, we went to the same high school, and we were in the same group of friends. He was actually my senior prom date, but we didn’t start a romantic relationship until after a couple years of college when catching up at coffee shops turned into long coffee dates.
Bailey: One story I like to tell is that back when we were in middle school I would get Natalie coffee and breakfast any day I knew we would be together, and that is how I worked to earn my spot! Eventually, those morning coffee visits would last four or five hours, so one day we decided to call it a date date. That date felt totally natural, and meant to be!

The Proposal

Bailey: We took a trip to Toledo Bend in June. The weather was hot and hit or miss between gloomy and rainy. The first day we were able to venture out and take a hike, we took off on a trail I was familiar with from trips prior. Her family was out on their boat so it was just us two. The ring was hidden in a grey fanny pack I had gotten just for the event. The hike was meant to be slow and fun, but the air was super heavy and I was too excited to walk slowly. We arrived to the part of the trail I had imagined; a narrow peak of the hill with steep sides that created a view of walking through the tree tops. I made sure to stop, and I said “Isn’t this a great place we can bring the kids back to one day?”. She agreed and I responded, “We can tell them this is where Mommy and Daddy got engaged”. I took out the ring, took the silly fanny pack off, and got down on one knee. After I popped the question and she said yes, we sat on the roots in the trail and talked about the crazy journey we’ve been on and how fun it has been to get all the way to where we were in that moment.

The Ring

Natalie: The ring was a complete surprise but the proposal was not. I had been suspicious for a couple months before he proposed but I had no idea of what the ring would look like. I am a “ring” person so I had pretty strong opinions when it came to an engagement ring. I had gone to Dianna Rae Jewelry a couple times to talk with Preston about what I would want and what I like but I did not go with Bailey to design a ring, he did that all on his own and I LOVE it! I love antique and vintage jewelry so I always knew I would want yellow gold with engravings. The radiant cut, to me, just sparkles so much and is mesmerizing to look at, which I do all day long! Bailey and Preston did a great job of creating something so beautiful and so “Me”!