Couture Two-Tone Yellow Diamond Cocktail Ring

Based on the Dianna Rae Original, ‘Harmony’, this striking open-concept cocktail ring is designed around an exceptional radiant-cut Yellow Diamond. The tapered diamond-set ribbons were inspired by the harmonious sounds of the music that we love. Set in 18k white and yellow gold, hand-engraved scrollwork completes this elegant look.
Natural color diamonds are very rare. The conditions must be just right for a diamond to possess any natural color at all. In most yellow diamonds, the nitrogen atoms have grouped themselves in very specific ways. The nitrogen arrangements absorb light in the blue region of the spectrum producing a yellow color. Yellow diamonds are found in most diamond mines around the world. The biggest sources are South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Russia.
Yellow diamonds can range from a pale champagne yellow to the extreme yellow of a blooming daffodil, and sometimes contain an orange, green or brown modifying color.

Learn More About Natural Colored Diamonds


This is a one of a kind item and does not have a current price available. Dianna Rae Jewelry is all about custom jewelry. We would be happy to work with you to create your own version of this amazing style. If you have questions or would like a custom quote on your variation of this design,

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