Taylor and Stephen

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Congratulations to Taylor and Stephen, and thank you for sharing your love story with us.

How They Met

Tay and I grew up in a small town named Delcambre. We both went to school there for our education since a young age and until our senior year. We had always known each other, but began a friendship once joining marching band. Over those years within the band our friendship developed into a relationship as we started dating our senior year. We believe we were brought together because of our passion for music and our personalities. I am a very humorous and sarcastic person and I believe Tay enjoyed being able to have someone to laugh with. Tay was always easy to talk to, I remember dropping her off after school and high school football games where we would talk for hours in my car outside of her house. Even as we work together to complete this blog post we are enjoying each others humor and laughing together.

The Proposal

Stephen’s graduation from a master’s program was about a week away. I went ahead and started planning a brunch with his family for the weekend and, little did I know, I was actually helping him plan our engagement. I planned his graduation brunch at Rip Van Winkle Gardens. We arrived, ate our lunch, and the proceeded outside onto the back lawn to take pictures in his cap and gown. After taking group pictures with his family we took pictures together. His sister, Elizabeth called me over to see if I liked the pictures. When I zoomed in on the picture, Stephen was holding a graduation cap that read, “Will you marry me?”. I turned around and he was clumsily trying to get off his cap and gown and then he asked the question aloud and I said “YES”.

The Ring

Our friends recommend that we see Dianna during our ring search. I walked into Dianna Rae with a totally different ring mind set than what I left with. One of the jewelers sat down with us and explained all the 5 C’s to consider when shipping for engagement rings. Once we were done with that we walked around the room and I saw the Magnolia. I immediately fell in love with the ring when I tried it on. We spoke with Dianna about a few things we wanted different and she was able to make our dream come true. Stephen mentioned that when picking up the ring he was shocked at how beautiful it was. The ring is better than we ever imagined. We love the vintage style and the entire ring is our favorite there are so many different aspects that it is hard to decide on just one.