Dave and Sarah

At Dianna Rae Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the love stories of our customers because your story is our story. Dave and Sarah’s tale is and adventurous one!

How They Met

Our initial meeting happened very much by chance as most good things do. Dave was having a “guys night” with his friends and I was having a “girls night” celebrating a friends birthday with my girl pals. We both ended up at a local outdoor bar that neither of us had been to in years and actually haven’t been back to since! Dave was the one who walked up to my group and began chatting away with us. I could tell he was very genuine, witty, and a true lover of life. I remember him talking about my smile and light that drew him over. We had a good time talking and joking around but didn’t exchange numbers that evening. Dave did send me a friend request on Facebook though!
We didn’t talk again for about 3 months until I decided to contact him. Soon after that we went out on our first date for sushi and key lime pie (weird combo I know). We have been loving life together with many fun capers ever since. From an Andy Grammar concert to the Pilgrimage Festival in TN, beach trips, hikes, costume parties, many workouts together at OrangeTheory Fitness, countless miles on evening walks, and probably hundreds of hours of couch dates watching our favorite movies and shows with parmesan covered popcorn and some good bourbon.

The Proposal

Dave proposed on May 9th in a fun and adventurous way with a surprise birthday party for me that turned into a scavenger hunt with riddles and clues and ended with an amazing custom cluster diamond ring from Dianna Rae Jewelry. The original proposal plans that were derailed by Covid19 was first a trip to the Dolomites north of Venice, Italy. The trip was paid for and all planned out and included a convertible Ferrari and a scenic drive to a specific walking trail that lead to a point that overlooks an amazing lake. This would have produced some amazing photos for sure! After the cancellation of the Italy trip, Dave booked flights to Hawaii where we were to stay in a resort on the beach with a plan to hike up Diamond Head trail where the proposal was to happen on a scenic cliff that overlooks the ocean with the surprise photographer in place. Ultimately, the proposal happened at my sister’s scenic farm with family and friends there to take part and see. This 2020 proposal adventure is a bit like life. We can have the most extravagant plans that get changed due to uncontrollable circumstances, but in the end the experiences we have with friends, family, and those we love mean so much more. The decorative theme for the surprise birthday party and proposal was lemons which was perfectly suited without us even thinking of it. Sometimes life gives lemons and with sincere love, opportunity, and determination, we can always make lemonade. The engagement could not have been any more perfect and a very important lesson and precedent was set. No matter the obstacles we may face in the future, if we encounter them with love, patience, and togetherness, we will have everything we need. The most memorable adventures seem to be the ones without the map.

The Ring

I love the creative uniqueness with the stones having their own individual meaning, The ring has so much character and a story behind each stone. I love the offset pear shape diamond with the rose gold setting. I love that this is the only ring in the world like it!

The Wedding

Oh boy, where do we start… haha. Due to Covid, we were actually married under a pavilion at a local scenic park with a mobile notary named Samantha who happened to also be a minister. We printed the marriage certificate and had it notarized to make it official. Usually this process involves delivering the certificate to the courthouse, but with restrictions in place, we had to mail it which made Sarah an authentic mail order bride and Dave a mail order husband! We flew to CA two weeks later with dress and suit and said our vows perched on a 3,000 foot cliff at Yosemite National Park with a full moon in the background. We hiked about a mile to get to our photo op location and found out a few days later, according to our closest friends, that we had just participated in the most amazing wedding photos ever taken. wink wink. Everything about our trip to CA turned out amazing. We travelled from Yosemite to Carmel By The Sea for a two day retreat and experienced Big Sur, the iconic 17 mile drive with our convertible rental, amazing views of the beach, and a bagpipe serenade on the greens of Spanish Bay with a rare golden sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Photo Credit: Michael Morse Photography

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